Social media is an effective channel for making the market aware of who you are, what you offer and why people should buy from you.

And it’s a valuable way to engage with your target audience, grow your lead list and build a fan base.

Active users on different social media platforms are as follow:

2.07 billion monthly

1.2 billion monthly

330 million monthly

800 million monthly

1.5 million monthly

1 billion monthly

Interestingly, the top four messenger apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat and Viber) have surpassed usage of the top four social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn) so these platforms are hugely popular and worthy of exploration and experimentation for your business.

At their core, Messenger apps are conversational platforms so they’ll become extremely important for interacting with clients and prospects.

It’s also where people will purchase, in fact they already are, e-commerce is already emerging through Facebook Messenger, and other apps, giving people greater access and ease of finding and paying for what they want and need.

If you’re venturing into social media, or perhaps are already there but not doing much, a content calendar is a simple, effective way to keep you on track.

Preparing your content a month in advance and having it ready to post, or pre-loading it is the best way to ensure you communicate regularly and consistently with your clients and prospects.

There’s also the ongoing social media management to take into account, responding to comments, engaging in other posts, taking issues offline and reputation management.