Paid Advertising

Paid advertising can help boost traffic to your website and provide you with marketing insights that can improve your marketing efforts and outcomes.

This form of marketing starts with determining who you’re going to target, what you’re message is, the specific content and format, creative, the offer you’ll make, the channels you’ll use and the budget.

An advertisement needs to align with your sales funnel and processes because you not only want people clicking on an ad you want them phoning you, engaging with you, providing contact details and, ultimately, purchasing from you.

There are lots of digital advertising options and for this path to be effective there’s some thinking and planning to be done first to make this investment worthwhile.

Paid traffic should be considered as going hand in hand with content and your SEO strategy.While they are all separate activities they need to be integrated to achieve the best returns.

Content is absolutely critical and will make your paid advertising and SEO more effective so it should form the centrepiece of your strategy.

It does, however, take more time because content isn’t a quick and easy strategy.

You don’t have to build and execute all elements from day one, though. Start somewhere and keep making progress knowing that this approach will gather momentum and give you important marketing insights that help you improve your efforts and outcomes.