Email Marketing

Seems like an old channel now but it’s definitely still working.

It’s the marketing strategy that continues to deliver the best Return on Investment.

Like any strategy, it requires effort and email marketing is most effective when its underpinned by an up-to-date, qualified active list.

Emails, executed appropriately, can be super effective at leading people through your sales funnel, from awareness, engagement to acquisition.

If you have an email list that you’re not properly utilising, or will develop a list through better marketing of your website and other digital assets, then email marketing could be a powerful and effective new channel for your business.

  • Are you welcoming new customers via email?
  • Sending them interesting content that they’ll value?
  • Delivering special offers to your most loyal customers and rewarding them?
  • Staying in touch with those people who have sought a quote or enquired but haven’t yet purchased from you?

Email marketing is also an excellent way to start segmenting your client base so it’s a strategy that packs a punch in more ways than one.

And guess what? Nearly all the world’s most successful businesses are still using email…and it accounts for a large slice of their revenue.