Content marketing to drive traffic and add value

There’s a saying in the digital marketing world that content is king. It’s true. Content is so vital now and can really set you apart from your competitors and help to build long term value and assets in your business.

Content can also be the pathway to creating new revenue sources so there’s opportunities for us to explore that with you. In any case, it needs to be a key component of your marketing to make more people aware of what you offer, to engage with your customers, add further value and make more sales.

What is content?

Content is any information that keeps your sales funnel full, that helps deliver the right information to your customers and prospects at the right time. It can be any one of the following:

  • article
  • social media post
  • infographic
  • photographs
  • research
  • e-book
  • guide
  • Report
  • Microsite
  • white paper
  • podcast
  • webinar
  • cheat sheet
  • toolkit

Content helps establish your credibility and authority and enables you to provide value to your target audiences via the channels they’re using.